Dr S R Ranganathan Prize

Executive Committee of Delhi Library Association in its meeting held on 29th July 2008 resolved to institute Dr S R Ranganathan Prize to be awarded to the DLIT Student securing highest marks.

Recipient of the Prize

14th Batch – Ms Archana Pandey

15th Batch – Ms Sweta Sehgal

16th Batch – Ms Tanuja Kumari

17 Batch Ms – Sangeet Rashmi

18th Batch – Ms Supriya Rani

19th Batch – Ms Supreet Kaur

20th Batch – Ms Shatabdi Chakraborty

21st Batch – Ms Jaimala Soni

22nd Batch – Ms Geeta

23rd Batch- Ms Anupama

24th Batch РMs  Kehkashan